Simon armitage

The person who has become known as the Gawain poet remains as shadowy as the pages themselves. His characterised by a dry Yorkshire wit combined with "an accessible, realist style and critical seriousness. Another list poem, this — itemising the possessions found on a dead man, each of which tells a story and suggests things about his life.

Prior to mainstream publication, Armitage published several limited edition pamphlets with small and local poetry presses, all now highly collectible. I needn't have worried; McKellen, wizard that he is, northerner that he is, simply read the poem in what seemed like a single breath.

A llama peered over a dry-stone wall, sniffed the air, then returned to its ruminating. Share via Email The lady on the desk seems torn between taking me seriously and sliding her hand towards the panic button.

Remains by Simon Armitage

I know this from a Malbec wine label gummed inside the first page of my notebook. Armitage first studied at Colne Valley High SchoolLinthwaite and went on to study geography at Portsmouth Polytechnic ; his first poetry collection was called Human Geography Awards and Honours Zoom.

The knight's tale

Now grasp that gruesome axe and show your striking style. Not just a knight wearing green clothes, but a weird being whose skin and hair is green, and whose horse is green as well.

As his translator, I hope to have been guided by his example. This is a remarkably simple poem, spoken by a homeless person sleeping in a doorway and asking for some compassion from a stranger.

At this stage, the best course of action would be to say something like, "My name is Simon ArmitageI'm a published poet, and I've been commissioned to translate the poem. And even for the non-specialist, certain lines, such as "Bot Arthure wolde not ete til al were served", present little problem, especially when placed within the context of the narrative.

It was kind of horrible, kind of beautiful. It is an attempt to combine meaning with feeling. Just as it fitted comfortably into my hand, eventually, when a contact at the library took pity on me and invited me into that part of the building which operates under conditions of high security and controlled humidity.

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It needs nothing more,' said the war-man in green to worthy Gawain. The follow-up publication, Walking Away also made the Sunday Times best-seller list for non-fiction. Supernatural, yes, but also flesh and blood. With the help of local expert Tom Lonsdale and letter-carver Pip Hall, the poems were carved into stones at secluded sites.

Steffon Armitage

To a contemporary poet, one interested in narrative and form, and to a northerner who not only recognises plenty of the poem's dialect but detects an echo of his own speech rhythms within the original, the urge to blow a little warm breath across that layer of frosting eventually proved irresistible.

Kid and CloudCuckooLand were short-listed for the Whitbread poetry prize. Gawain must negotiate a deal with a man who wears the colours of the leaves and the fields. A book, containing the poems and the accounts of Lonsdale and Hall, has been produced as a record of that journey [14] and has been published by Enitharmon Press.

The same contrasts can be observed in the form of the poem as well as its tone, with elements of order and disorder at work throughout, often operating simultaneously. But CSUN lost its bid to have the judge summarily throw the case out of court as groundless in July of last year.

Men know my name as the green chapel knight and even a fool couldn't fail to find me. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight is a poem that succeeds through a series of vivid contrasts: Back at CSUN, he put the fossil under his microscope and made the startling discovery:. Contact. Literary Agent DGA (David Godwin Associates) 55, Monmouth Street London WC2H 9DG email.

Readings and Bookings The Hawkridge Agency. Pearl: A New Verse Translation [Simon Armitage] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Winner of the PEN Award for Poetry in Translation From the acclaimed translator of 5/5(3).

Steffon Armitage (born 20 September ) is an English professional rugby union player who currently plays for French Top 14 club Pau. Career.

Remains by Simon Armitage

Born in San Fernando, Trinidad inArmitage grew up in the south of France, where he and his brothers played for Rugby Nice Côte d'Azur Université-Racing. Armitage began his professional rugby career at Saracens, before signing for London Irish.

Nuoria kriketinpelajia Suomesta ja Virosta Keravalla v. - Young cricketers from Finland and Estonia at Kerava NCG in The Stanza Stones Project, Stanza Stones is a collaboration between imove, Ilkley Literature Festival, Simon Armitage and Pennine Prospects.

The best poems by Simon Armitage Since his debut collection, Zoom!, appeared in when he was still in his mid-twenties, Simon Armitage has become one of the most feted, read, and studied contemporary English poets.

His work combines wry colloquialism and humour with frequent poignancy, treating such perennial subjects as death, violence, and lost.

Simon armitage
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